The vertical garden!

With construction, come palettes. A lot of them. Some get returned, others end of piled behind Home Depot and some get transformed. Just do a quick search on Pinterest for repurposed palettes and a whole wealth of ideas will appear.

Inspired by this palette garden, I set about repurposing a palette we had left over. I figured it was an easy way to start a mini-garden at my son's preschool that the kiddo's could help with. For the whole tutorial, please visit the original link here.

A few willing moms and I did the prep work, which included sanding, stapling and cutting and took about 2 hours.

We used heavy duty landscape fabric on the back to keep the dirt in place, added 2 cross bars of wood for support and then hauled the whole thing to school.

Heavy duty landscape fabric on back and sides

Kiddos adding the potting soil...

And more potting soil. It took about 3+ large bags.

Kiddos adding water before adding plants

An assortment of ground covers, herbs, succulents, nasturtium and alyssum

Overcrowding helps to keep it all in place (I actually had to add more later). Keep the top space open and plant those vertical plants once the palette is standing right side up.
Keep the palette horizontal for at least 3 weeks (4 is better) so roots can establish themselves. Water 2x per day.

And it's up!

Make sure to secure the palette with wood screws from the back for safety. It is extremely heavy.
I added drainage mesh to keep dirt in place and added more soil and plants to compact it all in place.

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  1. beautiful images and outcome, all more meaningful since i know the space and the awesome director of this school who i introduced to the wonderful world of Pinterest! so great to see one of these amazing vertical gardens come to life so close to home. bravo!