Give the boy a hammer

I wish I could remember where I got this idea, it certainly wasn't an original one but I knew I was up to something good when even my husband remarked, "That is clever."

And indeed it was hit.

What was it?

A tupperware container + water + plastic toys + 24 hours in the freezer =

And if you are wondering about the real looking tools, you are correct. They are real, just smaller, made  for a child's hand, albeit an 8 year old hand and not a 3 year old one, but I believe you can teach children to have respect for real things. You can see, he didn't waste any time with the proper safety precautions. And yes, proper supervision is required. 

As for next time, I will get new little toys. Freezing things he recognized was less exciting. I like the idea of putting dinosaurs in and making it an archeological dig!

Red Toolbox Kid size tool set available here.


  1. love this...thanks for the idea...it hit just the right spot. henry had been asking to go outside 'to dig for dinosaur bones' all morning when i ran across your post. 24 hours later we had a little 'dig' on the back porch. we froze some playmobile 'bones' from their african safari set; some gold pirate coins; assorted 'gems & jewels'; and a few small dinosaurs for good measure. it was a smash hit, literally. and, henry's already collecting things for the next 'dig'. love, jen

  2. Where Did you get the smaller tools?

    1. I bought the smaller tools at our local hardware store but a quick look online shows me they are available at Lowes. I bought the Red Toolbox Kid's 8 piece toolset. I added the link to the post!

      FYI - since the post a few of the tools were left outside and the winter rains have rusted them. But they are worth purchasing again!