Toddler + Target = Meltdown

It only took one trip to Target a year ago with my then 2 year old son for me to say "I am so not doing that ever again." And luckily my life allowed for that. 

Until last week. 

I was feeling bold and brave. Determined that I could reason my way out of not buying him one little thing, I even indulged his request to go to the toy section. I was convinced I could get out empty handed and without a complete melodramatic meltdown.

Trains and cars and firetrucks and machines oh my.

The requests started and my determined no followed. I could see it - the brewing frustration and need and want and utter desire to have all these amazing wonderful things just out of his reach. Maybe for Christmas or your birthday, I replied, thinking how reasonable that sounded. Good idea but three year old's live in the now - who the hell cares about what happens in 9-12 months.

And then it came to me. Just as the tears were about the flow like Niagara Falls and the dinosaur like screeches were about to overwhelm my ears I said, "What if you take a picture of things you want and then we can make a list for Nikolaus (Santa Claus)?"

Gold. I had struck gold.

I gave him my phone and here is what followed, with the spoken words between each shot, I kid you not.

"This mama.."
"and this.."
"and this.."
"and this.."

"Ok, that's it."

And that's how we walked out of Target without buying a thing. It may never ever work again. But it doesn't have to.

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