Toddler + Target = Meltdown

It only took one trip to Target a year ago with my then 2 year old son for me to say "I am so not doing that ever again." And luckily my life allowed for that. 

Until last week. 

I was feeling bold and brave. Determined that I could reason my way out of not buying him one little thing, I even indulged his request to go to the toy section. I was convinced I could get out empty handed and without a complete melodramatic meltdown.

Trains and cars and firetrucks and machines oh my.

The requests started and my determined no followed. I could see it - the brewing frustration and need and want and utter desire to have all these amazing wonderful things just out of his reach. Maybe for Christmas or your birthday, I replied, thinking how reasonable that sounded. Good idea but three year old's live in the now - who the hell cares about what happens in 9-12 months.

And then it came to me. Just as the tears were about the flow like Niagara Falls and the dinosaur like screeches were about to overwhelm my ears I said, "What if you take a picture of things you want and then we can make a list for Nikolaus (Santa Claus)?"

Gold. I had struck gold.

I gave him my phone and here is what followed, with the spoken words between each shot, I kid you not.

"This mama.."
"and this.."
"and this.."
"and this.."

"Ok, that's it."

And that's how we walked out of Target without buying a thing. It may never ever work again. But it doesn't have to.


Dreaming of outdoor play


“Put the swing where the children want it, the grass will grow back.”
 – Amish Proverb


One family makes a difference...

{Stayed tuned for a new DIY in May...}

I was just about to call it quits on Facebook and then some "middle of the night, up-nursing the baby FB scrolling" challenged me to rethink its usefulness.

Here is why.

I don't stay in touch with everyone that I want to and what I realized last week is that my occasional peeping into FB allows me to catch a glimpse or two into the lives of people I wish I talked to more often. My friend Becky is the perfect example. We went to college together and as I sit here writing this my mind is flooded with one smile inducing memory after another. Makes me want to run to my photo albums and take a look and then call her. Regardless, she moved, I moved. Marriage, babies, jobs, life. That's how it goes, though I will take full responsibility for not staying in touch over the years for really no clear reason at all.

This is where Facebook comes in. She happened to post something at just the right moment that totally caught my attention:

In 2011, she and her family took it upon themselves to Buy American for one year.

In an attempt to simplify and buy locally, this was their path. Eye opening and at times challenging, it goes to show that one family can in fact make a difference.

For their blog Buy American for One Year, click here

For the story in the local Sun Valley paper, click here