A sling transformation

Do you know this sling? It's the gypsy sling from Serena + Lily, no longer available but still so lovely.

I was blown away when I received it as a shower gift from Sabrina and Eunice of Hello!Lucky fame - it was by far the most wonderful gift to get as I had been eyeing but could not rationalize actually buying it for myself. Regardless, I was more than excited to use it.

Unfortunately, its beauty out weighed it practicality and as soon as our nugget was over 10 pounds, the back pain from carrying him for too long made me pack this one up and save it for another day. So it went unused for almost 2 years. With each move and each "get rid of unused baby stuff" I could never part with it.

And last week, I thought I would just have to deal and add it to the pile of things to part with, until a moment of creative genius hit me. Okay, maybe not genius but a little bit of repurposing sparkle.

A needle, some thread and a silver hoop from the office supply store, and voila, it can now hold blankets and burp clothes and whatever else. Initially I had intended it to hold laundry and now looking at it it could hold dolls and cuddly toys as well.

Either way, it makes me happy that we don't need to part ways.

Do you have any favorite baby items you transformed into something else?

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