Rainy day art space

We had our first major rainy day yesterday. So what better to do with a toddler and an almost three week old baby? Sit inside and paint.

Everything was already in place, minus the new fabric caddy that came as a gift last week for our most favorite Auntie-to-be, Emily and the easel that was hidden in the garage - a craigslist purchase that was waiting for a rainy day just like yesterday.

I don't know how that Emily does it - her creations just keep taking my breath away. Stay tuned for a few more of her special treats in the next few days.

The reason this nook is perfect for an art space is that it will be part of one of our first remodeling projects, so if paint or water or glue or ink or anything for that matter gets on the walls or carpet, it just doesn't matter. And that means creativity can just flow and messes can be made and I don't have to worry. The other great thing about this space is that in the other corner (which is not shown) is my desk, so the nugget can create and I can get some work done or a creative project of my own.

But the best part about this rainy day adventure and this creative learning nook, is that it was actually used yesterday. A lot...

...even if the activity turned to sorting mini M&M's.

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  1. I really like your art nook. It's very pretty and not to mention useful. I'll be sure to share these with my friends who have young kids.