Our something new...

It took a little while, but oh man, was the wait worth it.

You see, with baby number two, everything is used. I saved everything and as luck would have it, we had another boy. I bought new Carter's Onesies (the best in my opinion) and then I let myself splurge on this beautiful Moses Basket.

It is handmade by Ines Nogueira in Portugal. You can see her other creations on her website. I  contacted her when I found out that I was pregnant, gave her a few color choices and she came up with this...

The details are what make this basket so extremely special.

But there is more to the story. You see, my mom had a Moses Basket in the 70's - with red leather handles and red and white checkered sheets. It was brilliant. And of all the things my mom saved (which was everything) it somehow didn't make it but it's the only thing I wish had. It was probably lent to someone and over the years, that someone probably lent it to someone else who finally sold it in a yard sale at some point, not knowing who to return it to.

So in an effort to resurrect the forgotten and lost Moses Basket of my childhood, I figured this could be the next generation, starting with our very own peanut.

We'll just have to see who this gets passed onto next...

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  1. OMG my husband and I totally decided to put one of these on our baby shower list today. We figure it'd be perfect, because we never used a crib but don't like co-sleeping until around 5 months PLUS our upgrade bed will be a king-sized futon mattress so a moses basket would go perfect on the floor next to us.

    This one is hands-down the cutest I've ever seen...though it might have something to do with the effin' a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. baby layin' in it ;)