On having number two...

People keep asking how I am. How we are. And mostly I say "Wonderful and great and really good." And mostly that is true. But it's not the whole picture.

It looks a little more like this...

"Holding your second, you become human again. You are elated and concerned. Your firstborn is replaced. You can’t look at or listen to both of your babies at the same time. So you look at your baby while talking about your firstborn. You say, hold on honey far too many times. Your guilt is relentless. How will you convince them both that they are the center of your universe? This new angel seems like a stranger at first, and then your firstborn does. Suddenly he appears to be a giant. You wonder when he’ll start pulling his weight already. You are worried you’ll never find your balance. What is the right division of time, love, attention, fear, worry?"

- perfectly written, at exactly the right moment by Glennon of Momastery

I could not have portrayed this better.