Changing table for two

I am thinking I need a new camera. And a photography lesson. Photos with the iphone are just so convenient and uploading to a blog post is even easier but with poor lighting, you get pictures like this one. So for now I am choosing convenience - but please forgive the quality of the photos!

Everyone said - make sure you potty train your toddler before the baby arrives. 2 in diapers is a pain! Well, being pregnant was exhausting and we bought a house and we moved and he started preschool so I figured that was enough change for all of us. And now, there is NO way I am going to potty train with a newborn. So, we needed a changing table for two.

Do you remember the tall dresser? That has been around since before the nugget. You can see the craigslist transformation here. We just added a second IKEA Malm dresser, this time purchased new because I so did not need to be painting or doing DIY anything. Toddler things were moved into the smaller one and baby things went back into the tall one. And really, I think it works.

As for the collage, that was pre-nugget too. First at our condo in the city and then here at our rental house. I really loved it at our rental house but it works here too. And, it always gives us something to talk about...

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