Big boy bed

The big boy bed has been standing ready since we moved into the house. We read books there, sometimes take naps and it I will admit that mama and papa have slept a night or two on it as well. But the nugget has been happy in his bed and I have been happy to keep him there. I mean he sleeps usually from 7-7, so I say - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And then, last week, came - "Mama, I schlafen hier?" (I sleep here?) and I couldn't say no. So even with a brand new baby and lots of uncertainty about how this would go, I moved his bedding, moved the duck, tucked him in and closed the door.

And, it worked for one night. Since then, he is back in his "baby bed" at his own wish. And that is okay by me too.

As for another Emily creation - here you go. This pillow is made out of an old t-shirt of my brothers. I think he actually may have worn in it in college, so I can't imagine the state it was in before this transformation. Anyway, it arrived as one of the Christmas presents from this creative duo, and has been attached to the nugget ever since. For a week, it traveled with him.

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