The first bag on December 1

On Monday night, at the first official craft night at our new house, I wrapped 24 little things and put them in 24 little bags. The result, a bag of goodies that I had to hide until last night...

Lat year I got away with actually "regifting" some of the nugget's toys - a few trains, a few cars and then a few new things thrown in. But I knew that this year I would have to up the stakes. With a careful selection of toys and sweets, I think I pulled it off enough to please a 2.5 year old.

As for the reaction this morning, first it was a wow at discovering it, then a whah when he only got to open one and then a wee when he realized the toy airplane could make it across the whole breakfast table on its own.

As for each hand-painted sack, well he has his Oma in Germany to thank for those. She sent it last year and though the nugget still doesn't know how special this is, I do.

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