"All aboard"

I wasn't sure if the little man would play along, but let's just say he took his Halloween costume very seriously!

A few "choo choos" and "All aboards" and he even got the little green dragon he is walking behind to say "That is an awesome costume!"

A moving box, some black spray paint, some kleenex and a few circle cards from Papersource later - and I had a real locomotive.

His serious gaze is for the ghoulish cemetery someone had constructed in their front yard, with creepy black mechanized mummy, smoke machine and eery music. So much to take in and process, including the part about "My mom just keeps telling me to go to the next house and they give me candy and she let's me!" It took about 5 houses for him to figure it out and then, well, you'd think he'd been doing it for years.

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