Parenting mantra for today, and maybe everyday...

    {found via pinterest via here}

I needed to read this yesterday and I then I did something about it today. And perhaps I need to put this somewhere visible to so that I keep it in mind tomorrow, and the day after and the day after.

Today he said words I had never heard him say. Today he explained complex emotions I didn't know he could. Today he listened and heard and cried and laughed and snuggled and probably internalized something I did that I will never know.

In the midst of all that is distracting me and all that will distract me in the future, may I keep this close by.


  1. really have to remember this when I'm dragging the kids to music and swim lessons. And all the while I'm just irritated, the point is for them to enjoy learning something today, not make them gold medlist, or first chair. thanks i needed the reminder.

  2. you are so welcome kisha! i needed the reminder too - over and over again.

  3. Love this. I have a print I got off Etsy that I have hanging up. It says "be present every day". I bought it mainly as a reminder to me about my kids.