A lesson in de-cluttering

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"When an item is in dispute (meaning I want to sell, toss, or recycle it and the kids need to keep it), we take a photo and stick the photo in a book, where they get to write a small eulogy about it. Then it goes out.

You’d be amazed how this small project has taught them to view what is special and what is not."

I can still get away with getting rid of things at this point but I imagine that very shortly I won't be able to just make things disappear. I thought this was a clever suggestion.

Do you have any rituals or tricks for teaching children how to part with the things the accumulate?


  1. I try to part with things, my kids are ok with it usually, then my husband rescues it from the donate/sell box.

    over and over again.

    Maybe I should try this exercise with him. (and the garage)

  2. wonderful lesson! thanks for the reminder :)