A bit of DIY inspiration...

I will admit - I am a craft and DIY snob. Please tell me you know what I mean by that. 

Anyway, some things just look too hand-made and too crafted with poor quality craft supplies and just add to the amount of stuff and waste that we already have. I much prefer when materials can be re-used instead, but you probably already know that.

Somehow I ended up with a subscription to DIY Magazine and I thought these 2 ideas for re-purposing a few old things you might have around the house were pretty clever.

Old plate or platter + chalkboard paint = Clever holiday menu

Old suitcase + spray paint + some wheels = Easy storage (for under the bed for example)


A lesson in de-cluttering

image via here

"When an item is in dispute (meaning I want to sell, toss, or recycle it and the kids need to keep it), we take a photo and stick the photo in a book, where they get to write a small eulogy about it. Then it goes out.

You’d be amazed how this small project has taught them to view what is special and what is not."

I can still get away with getting rid of things at this point but I imagine that very shortly I won't be able to just make things disappear. I thought this was a clever suggestion.

Do you have any rituals or tricks for teaching children how to part with the things the accumulate?


Don't need to say much more.

Found on pinterest via the wonderful Emily Paben


Favorite stuff for baby & kids

DailyCandy came out with their Kid's Gear We Can't Live Without and though my list of stuff that I can't live without is really quite small, I can appreciate products that are/were extremely practical, extremely durable and well used.

Of their list of 80 things, I will agree that my favorites also include...

Sophie Le Giraffe
Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets
Maclaren Volo Buggy (this is a new favorite of mine)
Ikea Bekvam Step Stool
Kate Quinn Hooded Towels
ErgoBaby Carrier
Crane Cool Animal Humidifier
Phil and Ted's Me Too Chair
Twilight Turtle
Baby Jogger Citi Mini Stroller (best stroller by far)
California Baby Shampoo
SwaddleMe Wrap
Halo SleepSack Swaddle

and some things that I might want to try...

Stockmar Beeswax Crayons
Sprig Toys Eco Dumptruck (made of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic)
Dexton Great Plains Teepee
MD Moms Sunscreen Towelettes
Sarah's Silks Play Silks
Child-Tot Toddler Seat
Badger Basket Convertible Sandbox
Lutron Lamp Dimmer

How about you?

See any of your favorites on this list or want to add a product you can't live without?


Where the Watermelons Grow

Do you know it? Do you have the tune in your head?

If you ever went to summer camp, you must...

School has started and summer camp is so over, but we're getting our Indian Summer here in Northern California so my brain in still on white peaches, grilled corn, days at the pool and campfires while everyone else is onto Halloween, pumpkins, corduroy and tweed!

Regardless, some one sent this T-shirt design through the camp alumni group on Facebook and it just made me smile.

Found via Facebook from an Camp Quien Sabe alumni at threadless.com


But I can still admire...

With all this boy stuff on the brain, I can still do a bit of virtual peeking at the marvelous world of little girl clothes.

Really, this dress by Honey Collection from Sweet William, found via Small Magazine is just divine.

Wouldn't you agree?


More little boys..

Don't miss their wonderful blog either!

You can see more of my favorite things from their store on my Pinterest board "kiddo play"