Monday morning

Do you know the concept of A and C days?

A is for "arousing" and C is for "calming" and I am thinking that our little nugget made the choice for himself this morning.

Silently and without my help, he gathered all of the things out of his crib and purposefully migrated them over to this cozy corner and set up his own private book nook.

Only problem is, it didn't fit with my needs. There lies my conundrum.

The concept of A and C days comes from the work of Kim John Payne and Simplicity Parenting. The concept is simple: balance your child's life with activity and calm, noise and silence, stimulation and reflection. It can happen in any given day or any given week. Intuitively and in practice, this concept spoke to us immediately and it has been easy to incorporate in our family life.

So what of this morning's conundrum? The weekend was full of activity and play and family visits and late bedtimes. His obvious need for a "C" morning made a hell of a lot more sense than scooping him up and dropping him off at a busy playday at daycare. But my "to-do" list turned time sensitive late last night and my grown up responsibilities stood in the way of giving in to a total C day. And yet, how could I ignore his obvious need and his even more impressive and obvious implementation?

I realized quickly that had a choice, I always do. Instead of rushing him and interrupting his process, I let him be. And then, I even joined him.

Yes, it made the day start 30 minutes later than I had planned, but really sometimes 30 minutes of calm is all you need.

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