Now boarding families with children...

Did you know that United stopped doing pre-boarding for families with children? Could this be. It can't be. I am going to hope that it is only for domestic travel. Really makes me wish we were flying with Lufthansa. For that reason and a few others.

Regardless, countdown, less than a week, before the little man and I set forth for Germany. 

He's done it, I've done it - so I shouldn't be too concerned. But somehow 12 hours on an airplane at 12 weeks pregnant with a 2.5 year old, well, I am sure you can understand my state of mind. With a bit of extra meditation and some proper planning, I am hoping to be ready for anything.

So, in my arsenal:

- Change of clothes for him
- Change of clothes for me
- Pajamas for him (to create the illusion of a bed-time ritual)
- Nowali moccasins for him (for during the flight)
- Diapers and enough wipes
- Pacifiers for sleep-time (We'll transition away from these after this summer trip!)
- One new toy
- One favorite toy
- A load of stickers
- Crayons and paper
- 2 favorite books
- A book for me
- Familiar cuddle blanket
- Peekaboo Farm and Peekaboo Wild on my iPhone
- 2 episodes of Thomas the Train and 2 episodes of Bob the Builder in my iTunes on my computer
- Toddler sized headphones
- Snacks, snacks, snacks

And all of this fits into my backpack and his tiny backpack (which can attach to mine), so my hands are free! Plus a new lighter than air Maclaren umbrella stroller and we're ready to go.

I think?

What did I forget?

What other tips + tricks do you have?


  1. Whew, I hear ya! I can't think of anything else. But I feel your pain, though you have more of it b/c you're preggers! (Congrats, by the way!) A book for you? Really?!! I don't even bother anymore, not even with a magazine. But I hope you get to read a few sentences. We are potty training, in the big girl pants now, but just barely. A big flight home for us next week--fingers crossed all goes well for both of us! I have my backpack arsenal too :)

  2. Dear Alex,
    first of all congratulations! I always thought you would be the first Outbreath couple to have a second baby! I am glad to hear you are joining our world!
    About the flight. Alice is a very good traveler, she usually sleeps almost all the way, even when we go to Brazil.Of course we always try to get a night flight. I bought that seatbelt that you can attach to the airplane one last time you went to Brazil, but on our way back I just dragged around her huge carseat to the plane because she is much more comfortable in it. It was a pain but I did ask for assistance (a toddler and a 8 month belly) and it was worth the trouble. If you cannot do that I still recommend the seatbelt. It is not great but much better than just the airplane seat.
    Good luck on your trip!

  3. Good luck and have a great trip! Try not to have any expectations about k sleeping, be prepared to spend a lot of time wandering the aisles (better for you than sitting the entire time anyway) and you'll be happy with when he does sleep. I would recommend a car seat (with the wheels attached) if you can. Great simplification. And order the childs meals for sure!!!! That's all I've got at the moment. Hopefully they will seat you where there's some extra room if they're not letting you board first. And heres hoping you do get to do a little reading too ;) see you when you're back home!

  4. sounds like a pretty complete yet simple line up of things...just the right amount of stuff...the last few times we flew, i made sure to have a little arsenal of medicinals, too. always have some RESCUE REMEDY for me and henry and have even added ibuprofen for emergencies (him and/or me!). other than that, as you said, a few videos and 'snacks, snacks, snacks'!!!

  5. thanks everyone for these great suggestions! i really appreciate it!

  6. Congratulations!!! Good luck on the trip to Germany with a 2.5 year old and pregnant! That takes alot of guts. :)