Now boarding families with children...

Did you know that United stopped doing pre-boarding for families with children? Could this be. It can't be. I am going to hope that it is only for domestic travel. Really makes me wish we were flying with Lufthansa. For that reason and a few others.

Regardless, countdown, less than a week, before the little man and I set forth for Germany. 

He's done it, I've done it - so I shouldn't be too concerned. But somehow 12 hours on an airplane at 12 weeks pregnant with a 2.5 year old, well, I am sure you can understand my state of mind. With a bit of extra meditation and some proper planning, I am hoping to be ready for anything.

So, in my arsenal:

- Change of clothes for him
- Change of clothes for me
- Pajamas for him (to create the illusion of a bed-time ritual)
- Nowali moccasins for him (for during the flight)
- Diapers and enough wipes
- Pacifiers for sleep-time (We'll transition away from these after this summer trip!)
- One new toy
- One favorite toy
- A load of stickers
- Crayons and paper
- 2 favorite books
- A book for me
- Familiar cuddle blanket
- Peekaboo Farm and Peekaboo Wild on my iPhone
- 2 episodes of Thomas the Train and 2 episodes of Bob the Builder in my iTunes on my computer
- Toddler sized headphones
- Snacks, snacks, snacks

And all of this fits into my backpack and his tiny backpack (which can attach to mine), so my hands are free! Plus a new lighter than air Maclaren umbrella stroller and we're ready to go.

I think?

What did I forget?

What other tips + tricks do you have?


Thursday morning art work

I didn't plan this activity. I rarely do. But something about this morning's impromptu art session stood out to me. Maybe it was because he asked for it. Maybe it was because after a bad night's sleep I was too tired "to do" the dishes and instead sat down and watched his every move. Maybe it was because he purposefully and meticulously chose the colors he wanted to use and then very earnestly put the caps of the markers on the bottom of the pen, as he has presumably watched me do. Maybe it was because after I traced his hand the first time, he kept wanting more and more and more. Maybe it was because he said the names of the colors, not all of them, but enough to make me realize just how "not baby" he really is. 

Maybe it was because the end result was masterpieces of toddler boy art, like these...


Tiny work spaces

It's a marvelously sunny Sunday morning, about 5 minutes to 9, and the house is silent. No toddler noises, no husband noises. It's the indulgence that comes when a certain someone is with Oma for the weekend and I have nothing to do but sit on the couch and peruse my favorite blogs.

One of my favorite blogs for inspiration for kiddo spaces is the boo and the boy. Amidst the turmoil of her husband's illness, Julia has continued to find beauty and share beauty with her readers. She is honest and funny and clearly has a eye for really great design.

Recently she did a great post on desk spaces for little people. I wanted to snap up every image and plug into my Pinterest account but I figured I would just pick my favorites and then point you in her direction.

Though it was difficult to choose a favorite - if you check our her blog post you will probably agree with me - I picked the above image because it is integrated kiddo and adult space. And it has this modern rustic feel to it. And it's two little boys. And the rest of the images from Amsterdam based Insidehomepage are just as divine. Thanks Julia for introducing me to this wonderfully inspiring company!