Happy kiddo

The woman who totaled my bill at the Jiffy Lube yesterday told me that I have such a happy kiddo. And instead of brushing it off, I stopped everything, and just looked at him. She was right. He is happy.

The reason this woman's words caught my attention is because a month ago a friend of a friend said the exact same thing to me but with even more reverence. She said it almost as if she was so grateful to have been reminded that there are happy children in the world.

I am not sharing this to perpetuate the perfectness of my child. I am sharing it because a strangers words made me realize that I take this fundamentally important notion so totally for granted. And in taking it for granted realize that I make choices and decisions in the "name of raising a happy child" that have really nothing to do with what happiness is.

And that is something I want to bring to the forefront of my awareness.

The reason is this: I can get wrapped up in the gloom and doom and overwhelm of being an adult. And I can go there very quickly. And I can begin to second guess my choices and wonder about being a good enough mother and adequate wife. And I can judge my choices and my thoughts and my...the list goes on. And still amidst all of that, I can have this happy kiddo.

And that is something I need to remind myself of every day.

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