Trade, swap + buy used

I am quite loyal to my local craigslist and used children's stores, which means that I have not branched out into the world of online swaps or trading sights aimed at moms and families. I don't know anyone who uses them but I am curious.

When I started doing a bit of research, I was amazed and inspired by the communities that have grown in an attempt to help make bartering, trading, buying/selling used and recycling so much easier. Here are a few suggestions...

For my own part, I am going to branch out of my local favorites this month and explore a few new used children stores in the Bay Area. Stay posted for pictures and reviews.

Have any favorites that I shouldn't miss?

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  1. If you find some good resources, or people we should be partnering with, please let us know! Can't wait to see what you find!

    I love to see mamas getting creative to recycle.

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