Toy Swap party?

Round up the friends.

Prepare your child.

Display the Goods.

Show and tell.

Have kids pick.

Pass out prizes.

I am thinking that the "my, me, mine" phase that a certain someone I know is in right now might hinder the success of a planned toy swap. But in theory, this could work.

What do you think? Any thoughts?

Article found in Parents Magazine, January 2011

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  1. ummm... what's it mean when we own just about every toy pictured above? Maybe it means we are in dire need of a swap!!??
    I would love to borrow out toys for awhile. That was something I was trying to start in Oakland, b/c my kids would play with something for awhile, then it would just sit in a bin. But if I put it away for a couple months, when I got it out again it was their new old favorite toy.
    Maybe I should use my toy experience to write reviews of toys?

    But, to your question, my kids are very into giving toys away if:
    1) it means they get new ones
    2) they pick the toys to give away, which unfortunately means they typically don't choose the toys I wanted to give away, and even sometimes choose my favorites!!