Toy Swap party?

Round up the friends.

Prepare your child.

Display the Goods.

Show and tell.

Have kids pick.

Pass out prizes.

I am thinking that the "my, me, mine" phase that a certain someone I know is in right now might hinder the success of a planned toy swap. But in theory, this could work.

What do you think? Any thoughts?

Article found in Parents Magazine, January 2011


Our Lego sacks on etsy!

Inspired by a denim lego sack that my brothers had in the 70's, our toy sacks are perfect for Legos, Duplos or anything with lots of small pieces.

Check out our toy sacks on Etsy


A playroom, simplified

The No Waste family. Really, huh? How? I have been inspired since I read this Sunset Magazine article in January and I am keeping it mind as I navigate the Playful Learning eCourse.

The big question is always: but what with the stuff of childhood? The stuff that accumulates without you even trying. The stuff that seeps in during the holidays and on birthdays and on random trips to the grocery store. The stuff that seems to reproduce at night when no one is watching. The stuff, the stuff, the stuff.

The easy answer is just don't buy the stuff. But for so many reasons, we find that to be harder than it should be.

The next best answer, come up with a solution that works for you. For the No Waste Family in Mill Valley, the playroom has four bins of toys. If the boys want something new, it needs to fit into one of the bins. That usually means, that something has to go.

Personally, I think this is a great way to teach your children awareness and responsibility. This way, they get to choose.


Trade, swap + buy used

I am quite loyal to my local craigslist and used children's stores, which means that I have not branched out into the world of online swaps or trading sights aimed at moms and families. I don't know anyone who uses them but I am curious.

When I started doing a bit of research, I was amazed and inspired by the communities that have grown in an attempt to help make bartering, trading, buying/selling used and recycling so much easier. Here are a few suggestions...

For my own part, I am going to branch out of my local favorites this month and explore a few new used children stores in the Bay Area. Stay posted for pictures and reviews.

Have any favorites that I shouldn't miss?


Not just any train table...

Here is why I LOVE this idea..

1. It's on wheels
2. It has extra strorage underneath
3. It looks modern and simple
4. You can create it yourself - easy as pie

See the how-to here from ikea hackers


May Day

Image found in Martha Stewart Living, May 2005