Toddler art

If I ever post about an item in this blog, please know that I have found it myself, tried it out and only write about it because it's something that I recommend.

I can't really take credit for the art easel on the Learning Tower though - my friend Abigail had it first. And when she raved, I listened and then caved. I say caved because I couldn't find it used anywhere, and it was more than I would pay for a toddler "toy" but the nugget received money from Oma + Opa for his birthday and this seemed like the perfect gift.


It is, already.

And no, he didn't draw the helicopters, papa did. But the rest is pure nugget.

Here is why I love it:
1. It's a great use of space, using something that we already had.
2. The dry-erase crayons really do erase.
3. It's in the kitchen, so he is entertained here while I am doing something else.
4. It closes off one side of the Learning Tower, which he happened to fall out of one time.
5. It's apple green (though you can choose any color you like).
6. It is encouraging talking about colors and shapes and of course helicopters.
7. He like cleaning it off.

If you already have a Learning Tower, I will agree that this is a worthwhile addition.

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