Old School Fisher Price

image from klt : sketchbook

Any of this look familiar?

I've been known to find a vintage piece of Fisher Price here and again, but this collection is supreme. I am tempted mostly to find the farm set on eBay and start the bidding.

Seems I am not alone.

One of my favorite blogs called klt: sketchbook had the most wonderful images of the author/designer's little man with some rather good looking old classics.

Have any old Fisher Price packed away somewhere?

Her full post on Fisher Price loving is here
Her blog is here
Her etsy store is here

For more inspiration on vintage and collectable toys and the like, another favorite place to browse is
Arthur's Circus.


Cardboard Castles and more...

Seriously, have you ever seen cardboard boxes looking better than this?

My favorite, the castle of course with the gas station coming in a close second.

How about you?

I scanned the instructions for you - in case you feel inspired to do some repurposing and recusing this weekend!

Article and images found in Parents Magazine, January 2011


This isn't your ordinary cardboard box

Another clever tool for transforming packaging and stuff lying around the house.

These projects have taken repurposing an old cardboard box to a new level.

Rolobox Wheel set from Urban Baby


Do you know Makedo?

Seriously, can you stand these creations?

What an ingenious product and what a fantastic way to use cardboard boxes and crates and turn them into truly imaginative playthings.

I think the kitchen might be my favorite thing!

So if you have little people around or need a gift for someone who does, visit Makedo

In case you can't find them at your local toy store, they are available at the Playful Learning shop.


Kasper and his merry tribe

Here they are - the goofy characters that make up most of the stories that Kasper, shown in their new clothes and accessories.

Die Prinzessin

Die Oma

Der Polizist

Der Koenig

Das Krokodil

Der Kasper


Toddler art

If I ever post about an item in this blog, please know that I have found it myself, tried it out and only write about it because it's something that I recommend.

I can't really take credit for the art easel on the Learning Tower though - my friend Abigail had it first. And when she raved, I listened and then caved. I say caved because I couldn't find it used anywhere, and it was more than I would pay for a toddler "toy" but the nugget received money from Oma + Opa for his birthday and this seemed like the perfect gift.


It is, already.

And no, he didn't draw the helicopters, papa did. But the rest is pure nugget.

Here is why I love it:
1. It's a great use of space, using something that we already had.
2. The dry-erase crayons really do erase.
3. It's in the kitchen, so he is entertained here while I am doing something else.
4. It closes off one side of the Learning Tower, which he happened to fall out of one time.
5. It's apple green (though you can choose any color you like).
6. It is encouraging talking about colors and shapes and of course helicopters.
7. He like cleaning it off.

If you already have a Learning Tower, I will agree that this is a worthwhile addition.


Kasper kommt nach Amerika

{reposted from October}

...or in English: Jester comes to America

He arrived, all tattered and tired, after his first international flight last summer.

I found him at the local Troedelmarkt - the German equivalent of a weekend flea market. Part professionals, part the kids from next door, everyone was out selling something. I spotted him and his comrades, with tattered clothes and smelling of forgotten attics and boxes that stand too long in damp basements. But I had a vision.

It took a few months and it took Emily - for without her, none of this would have happened.

There is a crocodile and a princess, a policeman and a king. And of course, a grandma too.

If you are interested in the history of Kasper and his merry troupe, click here

And besides, you can't have puppet theaters without puppets!

Come back Tuesday, for the rest of the merry crew...


Lights, camera, action

Sometimes you just talk to the right person at the right time about the right thing. That is how I ended up at a home in Alameda, on a rainy morning, talking to a TV camera.

I had an absurd amount of fun taping this segment on Home with Lisa Quinn on the Live Well Network.

And yes, I would be more than happy to do it again.