Week 5: PL eCourse : For the love of science

I was so excited to learn that this week in the eCourse we would be looking at nature spaces and nooks and how to encourage a love of exploration and discovery. This one area that our nugget perhaps is teaching us (like so many things) because he is reminding us how interesting a leaf can be and a lady bug and a stick found on the sidewalk.

So it was easy to be inspired about creating a space to display and show things we have collected. And I had just the spot for it - another funky little cubby cove in our funky little rented house.

At first I wondered if I was crazy to put breakable shells and little ceramic saucers in his reach - but instantly he reminded me that he does what we do. I was gentle, so he was gentle. And attentive and interested. Pushing and poking on the different textures. Observing the differences in color. So yes, this may be my favorite unexpected space so far.

The Root Children is one of my all time favorite books. We only have the German version, which belonged to me when I was little, but after some snooping around I found that the wonderful series is also available in English. The illustration is incredible.


  1. Love the Ikea Hack. Is that an expedit bookself with legs?

  2. Hi Laura! It's actually a built in shelf that was in the house when we moved in! I can't take credit for the shelving, just the styling and display!

  3. Oh wow, I think it is a magical and wonder-ful space you have created. I am really enjoying following all you are doing in your home - thanks for sharing :)