Week 4: PL eCourse : Artistic Explorations

All this past week I have been struggling with time and creativity and wants and expectations. All mine of course. You see, I want a really great creative space for myself and the nugget and I want it to be just the way I want it and I want it now. Does this sound familiar?

Just writing makes me see the insanity of my ways. Because, everything else, like dinner and bath and work and taxes and play and sleep all keep happening and are far more important and necessary in the moment than creating an art space for an almost 2 year old who can't really use it yet. But I am new to being patient about having the space around me be just the way I want it to be, so I have to remind myself that I am learning.

And instead of throwing up my arms, I made some baby steps and now as I see them all in one place, I actually feel fairly proud of myself.

Step 1: Gathering all the tools

I loved the idea of color coding all the tools by shade. I found the caddy, unexpectedly, at our local Joanne's in the clearance section and right away new what I was going to use it for. The glasses I bought a year ago at IKEA, also from the clearance section. And though I LOVE the design, they are heavy and kind of awkward to hold. I was going to donate them but realized I could use them here instead. Yes, I know they are glass - but the nugget doesn't draw yet without supervision so for now we are okay. And, I think that children should be given the opportunity to work with materials other than plastic when it is safe to do so.

This crayons I found on etsy at Christmastime. They are made from recycled crayons and fit great into chubby little toddler hands. And the packaging, well, that is just over the top!

You can find them here

Step 2: Setting up a table

The table is an IKEA Lack side table that we had in the garage. I covered it with the drop-cloth that we had under his high-chair that we were no longer using. The oilcloth design is one of my favorites! And it cleans off so easily! The chairs I got for free from a family who was moving up to the next size.

Step 3: Making use of the space

As for being useful? As you can see, the nugget made it to craft time before he even got out of his PJ's this morning.

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