And just like that, he turns 2.

I haven't been very good about keeping up a baby book. I thought that was supposed to happen with babies 2 and 3, but it seems my first little one won't have that perfectly completed baby book either. And I have been feeling really bad about it until I saw an inspired idea in last month's ReadyMade magazine about a travel journal/scrapbook and I realized I could add a bit of "bling" to the book I had already started and perhaps have something presentable.

I bought Niki McClure's baby journal because it was one of the first baby things I say when I was pregnant that was not blue or pink or full of ducks and bunnies. It is clever and her images inside are really quite magical.

I added some pictures and some letters and a lock of hair and lots and lots of my own words and memories.

And well, I finished it just in time for him turning 2.


  1. aw... i love this, Alex! I especially love that these are filled with artifacts as well as words and stories. It will be a beautiful book to keep and share when he grows up:)


  2. thanks wakako -it was really fun to put together. now I just have to keep writing in it.