Week 3 : PL eCourse : Encouraging young readers part 2

The other reading nook is upstairs, so I needed a solution for books in the nugget's room. I built the 2 shelf book rack months ago - you can see the project here.

But it was free standing and the tip over factor was high - so I have been looking for a place to attach it. One of the other projects I had taken on for this eCourse was to find a new home for the play kitchen. Well, I found a home and magically the play kitchen and the base of the mini-bookcase are the exact same height and width...I love it when its that easy.

So now, the kitchen is its own little nook and the nugget has a place for some of his books.

It didn't take very long for him to make himself cozy.

wooden play kitchen {craigslist}
picture ledge {IKEA}
vintage wooden chair {well, that belonged to the nugget's dad some 30+ years ago}

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  1. Good idea! I'm gonna get some of those picture ledges. I have a few bible book holders, the kinds that go on the backs of pews, that I used as book holders for Lois, but they're a little wide to pull the book up and out.