Week 2 : PL eCourse - Encouraging young writers

I have been thinking a lot about writing since last Wednesday. Last weeks eCourse material was about creating a space for children that encourages writing. At first I was relieved, "Whew, week off I thought, the nugget is barely 2 and we don't need a space yet for him to write." But as I watched the video snippet again, I began to realize that this week's material was totally relevant and totally important and totally worth paying attention too.

Why you ask?

Because I don't write anymore. I type. I send emails. I use Paperless Post. And the irony here is that I used to design wedding invitations - you know, the paper kind with all kinds of inserts and envelopes. I used to be a paper girl with fountain pens and boxes of cards. I used to send birthday cards and christmas cards. And I don't do that anymore. And this eCourse about learning spaces for kiddos made me realize that I miss it.

But this course is not supposed to be about me? Until I realized that the nugget watches us do everything. And if he doesn't watch us spend the time to actually write something with a pen or pencil or Sharpie or rollerball, he may lack the desire or patience to learn the art of penmanship himself. So when he is ready and the age is right and he wants to start to use a pen and trace letters and then spell words and then compose whole paragraphs, he will know how to do that because he will have watched someone do it.

So, instead of creating a writing space for him, this week, I am going to create a writing space for us. I am still working out the details, so you will have to check back.

Until then, I walked around our house looking for the places that I was unconsciously teaching him about letters and words already and found these few examples:

His favorite letter and word book from his uncle.
His name spelled out in blocks and then in scrabble letters.

I guess the writer in me just needed a little encouragement this week too.

Check back in a few days for the writing nook...

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  1. Brilliant! What an insightful realization :-) I can't wait to see your special writing place!