A touch of gray

I love the color gray which is ever so ironic since I find gray weather terribly depressing. But as a color, well, its a neutral staple, that in the right tone, can work almost everywhere.

But in a kiddo's room? Yes, there too.

I think this is a great looking kids room. As I am sure you have figured out I am not really into wallpaper borders with trucks and trains, matching duvets and monogrammed towels. This eclectic mix of old and new, muted and bright is simple and not overdone.

The cool thing - this room could be for a boy or a girl (just add some more feminine details) and could even be transformed into a guest room with a few minor adjustments. Design that is flexible and multi-functional - that's the kind I like.

Image via Oh Dee Doh via Design Sponge

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