A room of her own : Inspiration for little girl spaces

A room the Peach from Oh Dee Doh

A room for Sage from Oh Dee Doh

A room for Rylie from Oh Dee Doh

A room for Penelope on ISLY {via kenziepoo}

A room for Lois at Found Now Home
{top image in SF, bottom in her new room in London}

No, there is no news I need to share with, so don't get any ideas. I just happen to love kids spaces and I always gravitate to girls spaces and I want to dedicate the month of February to things that I love. 

I have folders full of inspirational images of baby and kid spaces but these ones are my very favorite because they are eclectic and vintage and lively repurposed and DIY. They did not pop out of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, nor did the parents spend an unreasonable or outrageous amount of money on creating them. They are full of second-hand and flea market finds and hand-me downs without looking hodge podge, cluttered and out dated.

Really, I think I would be happy spending time in any of one of them.

To see the how-to's and the why's and story behind each room, simply click on the linkin bold under each picture.


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