A home of learning

"As we endeavor to create a home of learning, we will discover the priceless opportunities available each day to teach and learn together. This begins with the recognition that we, as parents, are the stewards, of our children's education and that our minds and hearts are the most important books our children will ever read."

by Ladawn Jacob and Jenet Jacob Erickson for Seeing the Everday

One of the reasons I am so excited about being part of this eCourse is that it is allowing me to sift through the endless pile of magazine clippings and articles that I have been accumulating on the subject of child and family friendly spaces for the last few years. I have always been interested on how the built environment affects our behavior. I even wrote my graduate thesis on how the built environment can impact our health and now I am interested to learn how it affects children.

So now, as I sift and make sense of all of this great information, I found an article that was in Seeing the Everyday, a lovely periodical about slowing down and appreciating the great beauty in the things we do every day. It was titled "Creating a home of learning."

I was struck by this...

"While racing back and forth from piano lessons to soccer, many parents may feel their primary role is opportunity manager and outsource provider rather than teacher and educator."

and this...

"Learning is enhanced in a setting of predictability, repetition, and order, where purposeful interactions prepare space for the spontaneous joy of learning."

They are watching, these little ones. Everything they see and hear and watch and experience, comes from home first. And that, well that is my inspiration to keep on doing what I am doing.

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