First words, in 2 languages

We have learned that children who learn 2 languages tend to speak a tad later than their playmates who do not. We have found this to be true, for sure. And then suddenly, in the last few days, the flodd gates have opened and out come words and almost audible phrases. I noticed more German words, his childcare provider noticed more English words - and what we both noticed is that we were both right on. How is that? Because he speaks English with her and German with us. How at 23 months a child can determine what language to speak with what person sort of just blows me away.

And then came the big question "How are we going to teach the nugget how to read and write German?" And since books and reading have been on my mind this week because of the eCourse, I decided to give it some thought.

I never formally learned either, so I am a 35 year old woman who can speak fairly well, maybe write an email to her parents-in-law and then read children's books and a german InStyle magazine - but don't ask to me write or read about anything more grown-up than that. So what do we do for the nugget?

Well, he and I will just learn together.

One word, one sentence, one grammatical rule at at time.

I "borrowed" this book that my mom had saved and with a bit of label maker magic, added the German spelling of the words and images. It's not a whole lot, but I figure every little bit counts.

And yes, I know I should have capitalized the German words because they are nouns and they should be capitalized but it looked better like this. I'll make sure to point it out to the little man at some point...

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