A darling space for a wee little man...

It is very hard to find spaces for little boys that are not over-stuffed with trucks and dinosaurs and firefighters galore. I get it. I mean I have a toddler who hoards as many trains and cars in his little nubby hands as he possibly can but that doesn't mean that I have to overpopulate his world with images of them.

Joanna Goddard's {of Cup of Jo fame} son Toby, with the help of one talented designer named Jenny Komenda {her blog here}, gets to spend time in this sweet simplicity of a space. Not too much, not too little. What I also appreciate is that Joanna and Jenny mixed new with vintage, not being afraid to create a lived in space that is both appropriate for the needs of new little person and the needs of a mom and dad who would no doubt be spending quite a lot of time in there as well.

As for the cloud window treatment, they created that themselves! For the details and more darling pictures, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

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