A thread runs through it

image from annekata

Does it count to have an intention for doing a project but then never getting around to it?

Annekata is one of my favorite blogs so when Kathrin posted the first scarf how-to with the red thread back in November, I was immediately inspired to try it myself for Christmas presents. And then Christmas arrived. And then it passed. And I am still thinking of the petal scarf with the red thread, more so for me now, than for someone else.

 image from annekata

Kathrin used old t-shirt material for the 2 color version and wool material for the other. Old tartan pants, skirts and any old wool blazer from your local vintage boutique could be used for the circles. My mom still has some of my dads old blazers, that do not fit the one brother who would be willing to wear them, so I think I will plan accordingly for Christmas 2012. That should certainly give me enough time. Wouldn't you think?

Thank you Kathrin for this beautiful creation.

There are many more wonderful tutorials on her blog - many using repurposed materials.
For the post on the red thread scarf, click here
For the full tutorial on the 2 colored scarf, click here

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