Rereading Domino

There it is, my stack. My stack of prized and treasured Domino magazines, plus 3 or 4 issues of Martha Stewart's Blueprint that did not survive in magazine land very long, but won my heart regardless.

And there it sits, that stack.

I have always been quite diligent about clearing out. You only have to move once and pack, lift and unpack boxes of books before swearing that you will never do that again. But letting go of books is hard. And letting go of Domino is even harder, because that's it. No more, can't re-buy.

So what do I do with it?

Well, I am going to re-read it, just as though it were arriving monthly in my mailbox. And I will savor it.

And then, if there is something to save, I'll save it, electronically. And then I'll keep the best 10 issues, just because. And the rest, I will simply let go.

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