Renewed sense of wonder

And so it is a new year. The Christmas decorations are almost put away, there are loads of laundry to do and the simplicity of day to day life is again emerging.

As I flipped through months of images that have collected on my iPhone, I found these two, snapped in moments of deep appreciation for the untainted creativity that dwells deep within our little ones. I took both, especially Sippy cup with Sneaker, to remind me to not say no or don't or stop when I see him doing something that doesn't fit into my adult world or will require me to do an extra few minutes of clean up.

I will therefore watch, listen and learn, more so everyday, as I realize that he is finding his way, his path, himself, one strange and peculiar art installation at a time.

May 2011 be full of wonder for you as well.

Happy New Year

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