The nugget and Suzy Homemaker

It's Friday evening and instead of rushing from the car to inside to making dinner to bath time, I changed things up. Or more accurately, he changed things up. We stopped, midway up the stairs at our now weathered lemon tree and garden, I pulled out the Suzy Homemaker stove I found at Urban Ore a few months ago and we just let dusk come.

When I saw this play kitchen, I had initially intended it for inside use. I mean, look at it. Its adorable. But once I got it home, I realized that it required more creativity and energy to make it really play ready, so I decided to allocate it to outside play - knowing that mud pies and grass casseroles would certainly be in our future.

My two favorite things are the plastic coil burners and the multi-colored knobs that still turn. And the Suzy Homemaker logo just makes me smile.

I am feeling grateful for Bloggerplus and my iPhone and the stoop that I can sit on, and create this post without the little man even noticing. And I am grateful that I let myself stop for a moment and just let the last 30 minutes happen.

My hands are frozen, the nugget's pants are drenched with collected rain water and it looks like dinner will be L'eau du limon avec birdseed.

Bon appetit!

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