I found these wooden eggs on eBay. They arrived from Hong Kong, meticulously packaged in tan butcher paper and string, adorned with the gentle and mindful strokes of a calligraphy pen. I wish I had taken a picture before tearing into it.

Minus their wooden nature and minus eBay and minus the packaging and minus the fact that this half dozen have traveled across an ocean and two countries, it felt like a farm fresh delivery in a lushly imaginative way.

Three open to present yolks that are this buttercup yellow that clank and swirl against the stainless bowls the nugget drops them in. The other three are solid and usually end up in a different bowl, being feverishly mixed together.

It's this little stuff that I simply want to breathe in and remember.

{If you type in wooden play eggs in a search in eBay, several options are still available. A word of caution, the yolks are small and NOT intended or suitable for kids under age 3. Please be mindful with the things you buy for your children - their safety is always more important than aesthetics.}

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