Getting warmer

It is cold. It is really cold. It is so cold I had to scrape ice from our car window this morning. It is so cold I spent 15 minutes just sitting in front of the wall heater just now, attempting to warm my bones. It is so cold that I am going to start practicing Bikram Yoga again after 6 years because I want to be in that hot sauna of a room. Okay its really cold for Northern California - is that fair?

And all I have on my brain is crackling fires, warm blankets and daydreams of wearing flip-flops again, someday.

So it makes sense to be drawn towards cozy things today.

I love the texture of the poufs and rugs and throws in these images from the German catalog Impressionen that I discovered this summer. Their website is full of great things for home  - maybe some of my new favorites! And you don't need to speak German to take a look.

Nothing re:purposed today...it is too cold to be creative :)

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