A breakfast nook, finally



We moved in to this little rented house in April and I have had a vision for this nook since the beginning. I tried effortlessly to create something with several round tables, but all failed miserably on the practical test. And that, for a space that gets used at least 3 times a day, was no good.

When we found our dining table {see here}, the thousand pound steel table base (that we bought for $25 two years ago at the Bernal Hillside Sale) was all of a sudden unused. I found a piece of the Numerar countertop from our city apartment kitchen redo in the garage, spray painted the base a glossy black and there you have a it. A true repurposed breakfast nook table. I spent only the few dollars on a bottle of spray paint.

Then there were the benches. On my lord the benches. But, I have a very determined husband and a very willing brother and with table saw and some outrageously meticulous design sketches, these were born, just in time for the gaggle of guests who were headed our way for the holidays. 

As for fluff, well that just came together somehow. It all makes this drafty corner nook, a little bit warmer, a little bit softer. And the perfect place to eat breakfast, together.

{The fluff}
Rens Sheepskin from IKEA
Iris Chair pads (3 per bench) from IKEA
Red graphic pillow from Mount Carmel Thrift Store
Red velvet pillows from Urban Home
Gray knit pillow from Target
Gislev rug from IKEA (given to us)
Cordless Roman Shade from Bed, Bath & Beyond