21 things you should never buy new

I read something the other day that I can't get out of my head:

"Spend less time organizing your stuff. Just have less stuff."

We're on a spending moratorium around here after realizing how much stuff we have bought since buying this house and though most of it has felt like a necessity, most probably isn't. It is true - you expand into the space you are in.

Regardless, there are times when retail therapy is in order so I thought this list was a good one, to at least keep in mind. So in case you need anything, try buying used first.

According to Yahoo Finance,

1. DVDs and CDs

2. Books

3. Video games

4. Special occasion and holiday clothing

5. Jewelry

6. Ikea furniture

7. Games and toys

8. Maternity and baby clothes

9. Musical instruments

10. Pets

11. Home accent

12. Craft supplies

13. Houses

14. Office furniture

15. Cars

16. Hand tools

17. Sports equipment

18. Consumer electronics

19. Gardening supplies

20. Timeshares

21. Recreational Items

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