A toddler friendly tree

Home for Christmas.

Our house was full of family from near and far and yesterday's winter storm (yes, rain in Northern California counts as a winter storm) kept us inside with a fire and puzzles and craft projects and the like.

I promised a few shots of toddler friendly Christmas decorating, so before the next week takes on a plan if its own, here you go.

As for the wreath, obviously not toddler friendly but its on the front door, far away from little hands and remote control helicopters that Nikolaus brought to the man size toddlers this year.

For the how to, click here

As for our tree, it makes me happy. And little hands were allowed to touch every part of it.

And yes, those are real candles. And no, he wasn't allowed to touch those.

Wishing you all, a few more days of Christmas magic.

Frohe Weihnachten auch noch!

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