On the sixth day of Christmas...

Nikolaus comes to visit.

In Germany children await today almost as eagerly as the coming of the Kristkimd on the eve of the 24th of December. In my memory, we would awaken to shoes or a plate overflowing with nuts, tangerines, chocolate coins and of course some sort of silver foil covered confectioner's delight in the shape of Nikolaus himself. I read yesterday that children these days might even receive an iPod or video game - seems a pile of nuts is just not that exciting anymore.

Our nugget - well, his red boot was full of walnuts, a few satsumas, two Lebkuchen and one gingerbread mini pretzel. Oh, and an airplane, that is going to be re:wrapped and put in the Advent Calendar that I hope to assemble tomorrow. He's not even 2 - I can still get away with this.

He was unimpressed with the sweet things, cared little for the satsumas and pondered the walnuts for all of three seconds. The plane took her maiden flight around the kitchen floor but was also quickly abandoned for something else.

Regardless, it made us smile. There will be more than enough Nikolaus days in our future. As for the iPod or video game, I have learned the hard way to never say never.

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  1. I tried to put things Trent already had in his advent calendar this year, but my mom (who actually sewed the calendar, so I had to give her some say) wouldn't let me...
    I did get away with filling two pockets with little baggies of cheddar bunnies :)