On the 10th day of Christmas

On Wednesday, the nugget brought home this...

Today he brought home a fever, cloudy eyes and a droopy disposition. So he got a nukki (pacifier), his comforter and 15 minutes of Pippi (Longstockings, if you weren't sure). I put on the red hat for the photo - yup, I'm THAT mom.

And then, he went to bed, without one complaint, at 5pm.

So no Christmasy picture of the boy in a red cap today, just a snap shot of the real deal.

As for me, it's 6:39 on a Friday night and one of my men is sleeping and the other is busy with a construction project. What is a girl to do?

Ooooh, the possibilities are endless...

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  1. What a cutie. Hope you enjoy your down time tonight and that your little guy feels better soon!