The nugget's room on Oh Dee Doh

Take a look...the nugget's room was featured on Oh Dee Doh yesterday! Click here

I was so pleased when I got the email that it would be featured in their "My Room" series. The timing is slightly ironic, considering the nugget's crib is currently upstairs in our room, his changing table is next to my closet and Opa is camped out on the twin bed downstairs in his room. Not sure what the nugget asks for first when I get him out of bed: Oba, choo-choo or woersch (a brilliant toddler fusion of Wasser and water). Guess that is what happens when you learn two languages at the same time. At any rate, its perfect - because the idea is to make the most of the space we have and what could be better than having Oma and Opa downstairs, every morning.

Thank you everyone over at Oh Dee Doh - you continue to share and find the greatest inspiration and ideas for baby, kid and family friendly design! And thank you to your readers for the wonderful dialogue and sense of community. Your site is truly one of my favorite places to spend some time on the web.

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  1. this is awesome, alex...congratulations...i too LOVE the nugget's room. it's such a sweet and soothing place and you did a beautiful job putting it together. and, of course, it's always nice to be recognized by someone 'on the outside'...keep up the good work!!!
    love, jen