Happy Christmas!

I have been watching the flood of holiday cards arrive in our mailbox, with more melancholy than I did last year. You see, last year we didn't have a mantle or a fireplace or a mailbox on our front porch. And last year I was still hazy with new motherhood, that my efforts in creating my very first e-card seemed more than satisfactory. You can see that creation here.

But as I lamented my decision again to not send a printed paper holiday card, I realized what I missed was the ritual, of sitting down, with pen in hand and writing each address, stamping each envelope. I used to write letters. I used to love writing letters. These days my fountain pen and ink collection is sitting there, in a drawer, perhaps waiting for me to rekindle my love affair with the paper and pen.

For now, on this rainy Tuesday, a few days after Christmas, I embraced the e-world, again. I went straight to Pingg (my favorite by the way) and played around with the photobooth pictures we took at Thanksgiving and came up with this. Happy New Year to all of you.

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