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My little red capped nugget has a big welt on his head, from not one but two big falls onto his forehead. We've made friends with the triage nurse.

My iPhone is in the hands of some scoundrels who broke into our car window and claimed it for their own.

So, I am taking a small step back to just be. No photos, no blog posts. Just some candles, our tree, making some peppermint bark and getting back on the floor to play some much needed cho cho.

May you all be surrounded with the joy and holiness of this season. May the elves find time to enjoy all the good that we are surrounded by.

Happy Christmas.



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  1. Dearest Alex,
    I spent most of my day reading you blogs. I had not done it for so long.
    It warms my heart to read what your heart, mind and body feels, creates and shares. The world listens to you!!! So much love and attention to so many precious things that really make life wonderful and meaningful.
    The creche I bought at the UNICEF store in Carmel for our first Christmas in America 1975.
    Can't wait to celebrate in your home this year.