8th day of Christmas...

A toddler friendly tree trimming. This is today's picture for the December Photo Project.

(I know - bad lighting and its not clear. Forgive my amateur photography - I have to be fast with this little man)

First, tiny finger friendly ornaments. Felt, wood, straw. My favorite wooden snowflakes are TOTALLY not toddler friendly - in fact we had two casualties. So I hung them high. Everything else glass and ceramic is put away - maybe for the next ten years.

Second, you give him space to create and the opportunity to amaze you. And then you sit there with these real tears of joy streaming down your face because your baby isn't ripping down the tree like you thought he would. Instead he is watchful and careful and attentive and mindful and meticulous about carrying the hook between his chubby little fingers, finding the perfect spot and then coming back to you for another one.

Third, you accept that every ornament he "placed" went in the exact same spot. And some are upside down and others are face down, leaving more bare branches than your adult artistic self would have liked but you leave it.

Just because.

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