Rolling toy bins

If one talks about play things, one has to talk about storage that holds play things.

I love these.

And I am really sorry that I don't remember on what amazing blog or website I saw these on, or when. I used to save images for my own inspiration only, before I started this blog. So, please, have you seen these? Do you know who should get credit?

This idea could be used for some many different containers. I just love the modern rustic look of these.

Please note, these may not be the best solution for your child's toys if you have a new walker. Please, save these for when they are solid on their feet!

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  1. I love these! You're right, new walkers beware. However, I have also found that my more seasoned walkers have found uses for them too! I have caught my kids loading each other aboard and sending each other flying across the wood floor. WATCH OUT! They had a blast...though I am not sure my cabinets on the other end were so grateful :) Thanks for sharing Alex!